Vinateflon & fire resistant paint suppliers

Thứ tư - 26/07/2017 22:23
Vinateflon coating & fire resistant paint suppliers in VietnamWe are a company based in Vietnam. The core of our business is to provide delivery options to meet any factory’s needs.our strengths are: Competitive pricesComply with US FDA Requirements & Vietnam Center of Industrial Safety Registration Zone III. 24/7 technical supportsWe are one of the very few companies in Vietnam that can provide fire resistant finishing (durability up to 200 -300 degree Celsius), especially for housewares. Color of choice can be customized within 24 hours. Any types of PDC & CBN Diamond cutting stools are offered. Hydraulic team tubingOur slogan is: “your success is our business”Ocean Investment & Manufacturing Co., Ltd No. 53, Road No. 4, Binh Hung Hoa B Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City. Contact support: 0941400099/ 0943384973 Website: Skype: hiennguyen.ocean

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